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Understanding making money by Crowdfunding

Do you have a creative project in mind but you can’t just find the money to make it a reality? Or a cause perhaps that needs support but you can’t just find the right organization to partner with? Crowdfunding is the best solution. But before posting your campaigns, you need to learn these few good tricks about making money by crowdfunding.

Start preparing for the campaign months before you launch the campaign. This will jumpstart the project and prepares a better campaign. Learn about projects that are similar to yours.  Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow this because both the successful and unsuccessful campaigns are still left up on the websites. This means that one can scan down the page and look at similar campaigns that might strike a chord and become an inspiration for a great campaign. Two different endings gives you better chances to get funding so creating two video endings would mean creating two entries for the crowd to choose from. Award your donors with reduced prices.Make sure that the rewards you’re offering are consistent with the contributions that merit them.

This overview on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo will give further tips in launching a campaign for making money by crowdfunding.

Kickstart Your Campaign! Kickstart Your Life

If there is a need to campaign and raise funds for creative projects like a concert events or music production, Kickstarter is the best place to begin. Kickstarter is one of the leading crowdfunding sites there is. At present, Kickstarter, raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects. It is very easy to start a campaign with Kickstarter. You just need to hit this link and create an account then describe the details of the project.

Kickstarter also rewards the backers if the funding is successful. This unique feature of Kickstarter attracts more backers and more backers mean more sources of funding. To read more on this the Backer section of Kickstarter.

For every successful project, Kickstarter charges a very cheap fee of 5%. Amazon Payment is used to transfer the fund. Amazon will apply credit card processing fees, which are 3-5% of your raised project fund. However, an applicant has to be permanent U.S. resident with a social Security number to enjoy the privilege.

Campaign On-the-Go: IndieGoGo

Today, independently produced films and music are flooding the internet and even the mainstream show business. The flare of creative minds can find generous support from the “crowd” which can be found in many crowdfunding platforms. One of these crowdfunding sites is the Indiegogo. Indiegogo is aimed to help you raise funds for creative projects. What is nice about Indiegogo is that you can post campaign for donations or charity. It also has a backer reward called the “Perks”.

The best thing about IndieGoGo is that, regardless of nationality, one can receive funding, using PayPal as the payment option. Aptly titled, the ‘Flexible Funding’, the funding of IndieGoGo is one in which one could receive the fund even does not reach the funding goal. In the Flexible Funding plan, if the campaign fails to reach the goal, Indiegogo will charge 9% of the fund, but the remaining fund can still be taken by the applicant.

From every raised fund, Indiegogo will get 4%, and 3% will be charged for credit card processing, and for campaigns outside the U.S.A, IndieGGo will charge $25 wire fee.

Launch your campaign today on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and start making money by crowdfunding with our services below!

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