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Crowdfunding is very hard to do when you are trying to raise money on your own. Crowdfunding is about persuading individuals to each give you a small donation — $10, $50, $100, maybe more. Once you get thousands of donors, you have some serious cash on hand. This has all become possible in recent years thanks to a proliferation of websites that allow nonprofits, artists, musicians — and yes, businesses — to raise money. You need an all star team like us to help you.
The most common type of crowdfunding fundraising is using sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo variety, where donations are sought in return for special rewards. That could mean free product or even a chance to be involved in designing the product or service. Crowdfunding provides another strategy for startups or early stage companies ready to take it to the next level. Before, a business owner was subject to the caprices of individual angel investors or bank loan officers. Now it is possible to pitch to the masses.

We are passionate about the crowdfunding industry but there is a downside.

If you don’t have an engaging story to tell, then your crowdfunding bid could be a flop. Sites such as Kickstarter don’t collect money until a fundraising goal is reached, so that’s still a lot of wasted time that could have been spent doing other things to grow the business.

It could be even worse if you meet your goal but then realize you underestimated how much money you needed. A business risks getting sued if it promises customers products or perks in return for donations, and then fails to deliver.

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    Mike Lewis
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              Crowdfunding Successfully is Awarding

              Crowdfunding is becoming one of the great alternatives to a traditional bank loan or government grant. When you’re trying to raise awareness or start an advocacy campaign, gathering donations from a number of interested people is far preferable to borrowing money from an impersonal organization that you’ll probably have to pay back with interest. Particularly in the case where the amount of money you need to get started isn’t terribly large, crowdfunding can be a great way to raise those funds, while at the same time avoiding debt and generating public awareness about your project.

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              CrowdTimer can help you reach your campaign’s goal before time runs out. Our crowdfunding plans include project optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, press releases, and more. Do not hesitate from ordering our plans, you need to reach your campaign’s goal or even past it. We get started on all orders right away!
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